Peoples Service Exchange Member Agreement

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The Peoples Service Exchange’s mission is to promote within our communities the exchange of individual talents and services that value equally each participant’s abilities and contributions.

1 Hour of Service  = 1 Time Dollar

Time banking can be a wonderful way to connect with others in the community, save money and build new relationships. What that looks like is different for each member. It is not direct bartering, so there are no tax implications. You earn your time dollars and may choose to spend, save or donate them, so it is not charity.

Member Rights-

To be treated fairly, with dignity, care and respect
To have confidentiality maintained
To have your questions answered by the PSE staff

Member Responsibilities-

To have the skills and knowledge of equipment necessary to provide the services you offer
To communicate clearly and be patient
To be aware of and follow all safety rules and procedures pertaining to all of the services you provide
To treat all members and PSE staff fairly, with dignity, care and respect
To use common sense, as you do in purchasing services- whether to accept a service, whether the member offering the service is the right person to do the job, etc...
To leave other members satisfied with the work you perform
To pay for parts, supplies and ingredients for services you request
To document the details when money changes hands by using the cash transaction form with member signatures
To notify the PSE staff in a timely manner when an exchange takes place or if an issue arises


Each member may choose to limit their contact information that is shared within the group as a whole. All information received from other members is to be kept strictly confidential. The only exception to disclosing information is when a member feels that the health or safety of someone is in danger. Reports of these types should be made to the coordinator immediately.

Back Safety-

When lifting, use correct postures and procedures
When lifting with another person, communicate CLEARLY what is going to be done BEFORE beginning to lift

Transportation Services-

Be aware of and willing to follow all safety rules, driving laws and speed limits
Have a safe, dependable vehicle that is licensed, insured and inspected according to the State of NH regulations
Never drive when tired or taking medications that cause drowsiness

Volunteer Insurance Coverage-

The PSE cannot guarantee the performance of any member. The PSE does hold a volunteer insurance policy that may be helpful in the unlikely event of property damage or injury. Certain exclusions apply such as for an individual who is providing professional services without compensation. A copy of the policy will be provided on request.


  • Members do not necessarily hold a license to provide the service they offer. While some members may be licensed or have had formal training, others have acquired their skills through life experience. Either way, members must possess the skills to offer the services they list.
  • Either member may provide the tools required to do a job.
  • Requests should be limited to six hours per visit.
  • Generally only homeowners are eligible for minor home maintenance. Maintenance on a rental property would benefit a landlord, who is legally responsible, and not the member. However, there are exceptions to every rule, so call first and we can discuss the situation.
  • Be on time or call immediately if you are going to be late for an exchange.
  • Dress neatly and appropriately for your assignment.
  • Sometimes a member will request or need services other than those which you set out to do. You may do those things only if they fall within the categories of services provided by the program and if you feel comfortable about providing them. If in doubt, call the office.

Emergencies-  If an emergency situation arises while you are visiting another member, be sure to:

Call 911
Stay calm and know that help will arrive
Keep patient warm and comfortable
Keep an eye out for ambulance or police
Notify the PSE office after member is cared for

Each service presents a different set of circumstances. If a situation arises that you have questions or concerns about, please contact the coordinator.

The PSE is a project of The Grapevine Family and Community Resource Center. It serves to connect members who then exchange their talents and skills using time dollars. Exchanges are based on trust, neighborliness and good will. The PSE is not designed to meet emergency or long term needs. Members are asked to contribute on an annual basis as they are able financially with $25 being the suggested amount in 2015. No one is excluded for inability to contribute. All contributions are tax deductible and may be made out to The Grapevine Family & Community Resource Center, Federal Tax ID 02-0499088.